Paddock Services

Horses and ponies can be destructive in small paddocks, so correct pasture management is critical. However, managing grassland for horses can be challenging as paddock owners often don’t have access to the machinery required to maintain and enhance their grazing land.

Landkind can help you plan paddock maintenance to get the best out of your grassland by offering the following services:

Weed Control – Chemical weed control is a quick, economic and effective and often there is no alternative but to use a herbicide to solve a specific weed problem. In these circumstances it is vital to chose the most appropriate product and apply at the recommended rate using the correct equipment.

Problem weeds in pony paddocks include Ragwort, Nettles, Docks, Thistles and Bracken. These can all be treated using an appropriate selective herbicide. In productive Rye-grass swords application can be by means of a boom sprayer to the whole field (taking into account any local environmental risk assessments). This is a quick and effective method of ensuring good control.

However, in species rich swards selective herbicide applied by a boom sprayer will hit both the target and non target species. In many pony paddock situations it is quite feasible to apply a selective herbicide using spot treatment from a hand lance. Whilst this method is of course more time consuming, it ensures that only the problem weeds are sprayed and minimises chemical usage and hence any possible impact on the environment. We have a range of spraying equipment available which is selected to suit the site and the weather conditions.

Chain harrowing - This implement pulls out dead grass, levels out lumps and bumps and encourages air into the soil. It will promote new grass growth for the spring and summer months. by allowing air to circulate in the soil’s surface thereby creating the aerobic conditions required to produce nitrates, which are the form of nitrogen most easily taken up by plants.

Topping - Regular topping of your paddocks helps to improve the sward by encouraging new growth as well as stimulating root development. It also prevents many of the undesirable plants such as docks, nettles and thistles from going to seed, thus reducing weed problems in the future. Regular topping of your paddocks actually helps to increase the amount of good grass, land which may have been densely covered with dock or nettle patches can be converted to productive grassland, following a regular regime of topping.

We use a topper that sits on the front of the tractor, which means that grass and weeds are not flattened before being cut. Ragwort Kills! Ragwort is the most frequent cause of plant poisoning in livestock. This prolific weed is the bane of all horsy people’s lives. The problem worsens, as some landowners simple don’t realise the severity of the problem. It is vitally important that everyone does their bit to educate others of the facts and the fatal effects it can have on horses, if ignored.

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